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Idolink is a platform for creating mini sites and link in bio for social networks. You can use it to create a tree link, grouping your website and social networks, create a digital catalog for products and services. Additionally, create your own e-commerce to start selling online in a few minutes, without a programmer and hiring aa hosting server.

Idolink caters to any type of audience, from the creation of a digital business card to an online retail store for digital products, services, and products. For simplicity, we’ve broken up 3 different profiles that use Idolink.

1 – Individual that seeks a tree of links to social networks;

2 – Influencer who wants to advertise third-party products or services. Use the platform to capture leads, create landing page or a marketing agency to create Mini sites for third parties;

3 – Those who want to sell online but wants to avoid spending money on hiring a company to create e-commerce, or necessity to hire third parties to provide website maintenance and price update of products/services.

All Idolink tools are offered free of charge for you to start using the platform. Idolink is designed to be accessible to anyone, individual or company, who wants to migrate to the digital world.

Some tools are of limited use, it is possible to test at no cost, but if a larger amount of products, images or functionalities are required, we offer customization packages or online sales. You can find our costs table here Plans

Yes, it is possible to bring your own domain to use with your Mini Site, the process is simple, just follow the guidelines when hiring the service. An additional amount is charged for using the custom domain.

Idolink is already present in more than 40 countries and certainly will not stop here. The platform can be used in virtually every country on the globe. In countries like Brazil, we offer more integrated or outsourced payment features, but thinking of serving the largest number of people, we offer PayPal as an international payment method that is present in the main countries.

Currently Idolink is available in Portuguese (Brazil), English (USA) and Spanish.